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Hello, I am a certified web developer from Hokes Bluff, AL. I am a professional web developer with over 9+ years of experience. My skills include XHTML, CSS3, PHP, OOP, MVC, XML, MySQL, and MySQLI along with intermediate knowledge in javascript and jQuery. My skills also include the ever so popular Magento and Wordpress platforms. I hold a Certified Magento Developer certification with Magento. I have been professionally working with Magento for over many years now. If you are looking for a highly customized and professional website for your business, you have come to the right place!

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What is Our Process?

To ensure that we receive only the highest customer satisfaction available, I have put together a streamlined process that will ensure you are completely happy. Below is a step by step web development process that every customer will receive.

1. Brainstorming

I will allow you to provide all your thoughts and suggestions on how the website should look and function.

2. Analyze Information

After gathering your ideas, I will then analyze this information and provide feedback on how to improve the overall development concept.

3. Magic Touch

After agreeing on the overall layout and functions, this is when the magic happens. I will begin the web development process of your company website.

4. Finalize Product

Once the website has been finished, you will be provided a valuable opportunity to make any final changes before the delivery of your new website.

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A Little About Me

As a professional web developer with over 7+ years of experience, I strongly believe in providing the best web development experience possible. The below skill chart is just a small snapshot of my current skills.

  • Magento 100%

  • Wordpress 95%

  • OOP 100%

  • MVC 100%

  • PHP 100%

  • MySQL / MySQLI 100%

  • CSS 100%

  • XHTML 100%

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