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Web development has always been my true passion. Over 9 years ago I started tinkering around with web design and web development. It's funny looking back now just how much easier things were that many years ago.

I used to daydream about how much more I would enjoy what I do for a living if I were a full time web developer. One morning, many years ago, I decided to take that leap and do just that. I have been building and developing web sites full-time every since. I truly could not ask for a better job.

I really enjoy meeting and having conversations with so many different people from around the globe. I have literally built hundreds of websites for small and large companies from around the world. I have even had the pleasure of working for more well known companies such as "The Home Depot" & COMP Cams.

So if you are looking for someone who loves his job and is great at what they do, than look no further. You have found him here at Beckin Designs!


  • Christopher Silvey

    Web Developer

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